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What Are the Potential Ecosystem Benefits of Turfgrass?

Turfgrass is everywhere--is it providing benefits to the people who use it? Read on and discover all the potential upsides of turfgrass, including economic, environmental, and societal benefits.

How Can I Reduce Turfgrass Fertilization, Mowing, Irrigation, and Pesticide Use?

Homeowner, turfgrass professional, or turfgrass manager--we have tips to help you decrease turfgrass inputs while maintaining turfgrass quality and performance. Check it out!

6 Ways to Cut Back on Greenhouse Gas while Cutting Your Grass

Lawns are everywhere--I bet you have one! Turfgrass, like all other plants, requires nutrients. And nitrogen fertilizers, lawn mowing, and other maintenance tasks can give off powerful greenhouse gases. Read on to learn how to cut greenhouse gas emissions from turfgrass systems.

Can Growing Cover Crops in Corn Systems Increase Soil Carbon?

If every hectare of land across the globe included cover crops, we could sequester up to 192 million US tons of carbon every year. How can we get there?