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Excellent education should be accessible, inclusive, and representative.

What does it mean to support Decode 6?

Producing top-notch content—and keeping it free—isn’t cheap. Decode 6 relies on a network of supporters and content contributors to create excellent educational materials for all.

Supporters at all tiers provide the means for Decode 6 to fulfill its mission: drive innovation in the agricultural sector by bringing clarity to carbon and ecosystem services.

Bedrock Supporters

Like the bedrock below our feet, these supporters provide foundational support to keep the project up and running—and continue to provide innovative and cutting-edge information.

Bedrock Supporters provided the Decode 6 platform with $100,000 or more to cover content development, operating costs, personnel, volunteer coordination, brand and web development, and diversity, accessibility, and language translation costs.

Bedrock Supporters include:

Topsoil Supporters

Topsoil Supporters provided the Decode 6 platform with $25,000 to $100,000 to support targeted content development, educational initiatives, or content creation. Like rich topsoil, these supporters enhance the growth of the project.

Topsoil Supporters contribute funds to the Decode 6 team to help create targeted educational materials that meet the needs of their audiences. Whether it’s information for a specific cropping system, region, or management practice, Topsoil Supporters drive new creation and growth.

Topsoil Supporters include:

Grassroots Supporters

Grassroots Supporters provided the Decode 6 platform with $25,000 or less in funding to support specific, targeted campaigns, events, or content development.

Grassroots Supporters help Decode 6 meet the project’s needs, from video shoots to marketing and distribution, sponsored symposia to networking events. Their contributions are invaluable in broadening the reach of Decode 6, spreading the word from the ground up.

Content Contributors

Content Contributors include organizations that have come alongside the Decode 6 team to help produce excellent content, often adapted from their existing body of scientific research.

These supporters provide an essential service for the platform: helping us create unbiased, bite-sized educational materials for our audiences.

Content Contributors include:

Interested in supporting Decode 6?

The Decode 6 team is providing free educational material, but creating it isn’t cheap.

Decode 6 is seeking funding opportunities and additional support to keep producing top-notch content—and to keep it free.

You can make a donation here. 

If you’re interested in coming alongside us as a supporter or contributor, reach out!

Contact Chris Boomsma, Director of Science & Strategy:

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