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Soils & Policy #3: Carbon Markets

Carbon markets have gotten a ton of buzz. From a policy perspective, what are the strengths, limitations, and opportunities for carbon markets in the U.S.?

Soils & Policy #2 : Direct Incentive Payments

Direct incentives are cash payments that can make it easier for growers to change their management practices. What are the strengths, limitations, and opportunities payment programs?

Breaking Down the Growing Climate Solutions Act

The Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA) is a relatively new law that is uniquely positioned to help farmers evaluate and participate in carbon markets. Dive in and learn about what the GCSA includes and how it might help farmers.

Soils & Policy #1: Soil Health Initiatives

Policies aimed at improving soil health have been on the books for decades. State-driven soil health initiatives are one that have helped preserve soil resources and sequestered carbon in the process. But what are their strengths, limitations, and future opportunities?

Understanding the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Program

The US Department of Agriculture has invested $3.1 billion in the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities (PCSC) program. What are the challenges and opportunities the PCSC affords for facilitating coordinated data collection and MMRV?

Data Drives Decisions: Data Infrastructure for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture relies on coordinating a complex suite of agricultural practices to provide ecosystem services, but measurement of these benefits is scattered. A national ecosystem services monitoring network could help.