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Hitting the “Easy Button” on Conservation Practices

It’s tough to get conservation practices from concepts to on-the-ground implementation. Listen as John Swanson talks through how you, too, can ”hit the easy button” on conservation practices.

How does compaction impact water availability for plants?

Soil compaction is the result of soil particles being squished closer together, reducing pore space and making it tougher for roots to grow and water to flow. Dig deeper into how compaction impacts water available for plant growth, and what you can do to prevent or fix it on your fields.

How do you measure soil water?

Understanding how water moves through your fields can give you great insights into how plants might fare during times of excess rainfall, drought, and everything in between. Read on and find out how to measure your field's soil water.

Cover Crop Benefits and Drawbacks when Water is Scarce

Growing cover crops can be a challenge in environments where growing seasons are shorter or water is less plentiful. But growers are seeing ecosystem service benefits using cover crops, and with some management changes, minimal drawbacks.

How does soil health impact water quality?

Soil is the medium for plant growth, regulates chemical processes, and filters water. So how does soil health impact water quality?

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