Managing Nutrients

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Optimizing Nutrient Cycling for Nutrient Dense Crops

Nutrient cycling has a profound impact on nutrient content in crops at harvest. What can farmers do to grow the most nutrient-dense crops?

How Does Applied Manure Impact Soil Microbes & Soil Carbon Sequestration on Cropland & Pasture?

Animal manure can boost microbial activity in the soil. It's a good way to add nutrients, improve crop growth, and promote healthy soils when used correctly. Check out this article for resources!

How Do You Manage Dairy Manure Storage to Reduce Methane Emissions?

Methane--a potent, short-lived greenhouse gas--is the major emission from dairy production, but manure management can help decrease the amount of methane from the farm. Dig deeper to find out how.

Manure as Fertilizer: Can I Decrease Applied Manure’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Learn about the different manure application techniques that can help you cut emissions while making the most of this abundant source of nutrients.

Could Worms Help Cut Emissions from Dairy Waste?

Dairies produce 1.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and manure ponds are a big part of it. Could running liquid dairy waste through worm beds help cut dairy emissions?

Precision Nutrient Management: Boost Efficiency, Cut Input Costs

Precision nutrient management is all about “spoon-feeding” your crops just the right amount and kind of nutrients, just when they need them. Doing so can boost the efficiency of your inputs and improve your on-farm return on investment.

How Does Soil Health Impact Water Quality?

Soil is the medium for plant growth, regulates chemical processes, and filters water. So how does soil health impact water quality?

Too Much of a Good Thing? Nutrients & Water Quality

Nutrients are essential for us to grow food, feed, fuel, and fiber. But what happens when there's too much of a good thing? 

Cover Cropping to Reduce Nutrient Loss

Wayne Fredericks, a farmer in Osage, IA, has been using cover crops on his farm since 2012. Here, he talks about his journey testing cover crops to help reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality.

How Does Changing Nitrogen Management Impact Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Making small tweaks to on-farm nitrogen use can make a big difference in greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, and crop production.