Content Development Process

Interested in how we develop science-backed content? Read on!

Content Development Process

How do we provide written materials?

The Decode 6 team frames articles and written materials to answer questions posed by Certified Crop Advisers, Certified Professional Soil Scientists, members of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, and visitors to the Decode 6 site.

We succinctly answer top-of-mind questions with practical, science-based insights.

To write these articles, the Decode 6 team first researches and compiles reputable information from trusted sources, including:

  • Published peer-reviewed research articles
  • Extension documents from Land Grant university programs
  • Government publications, reports, and white papers
  • Written materials by trusted, reputable partnering organizations

The Decode 6 team pairs a finished article with volunteer subject matter experts for final review.

  • Reviewers are instructed to check for factual inaccuracies and any errors in translating the scientific source material into this accessible, bite-sized format.
  • After incorporating reviewer feedback, the article is posted to the Decode 6 site.

Coupled with high quality source material, this review process ensures that information on the Decode 6 site is science-based, unbiased, and reliable.


How do we provide videos and podcasts?

Decode 6 Podcast and video episodes seek to answer questions on developing research, topics that require more discussion, or practical applications that producers can see in the field.

  • All Decode 6 guests first complete a guest agreement form, agreeing to the following:
    • Decode 6 creates episodes that are science-based, forward-looking, positive, and inclusive. I agree to adhere to this policy as I serve as a Decode 6 guest.
    • Decode 6 intends to provide current and accurate scientific information about the subject(s) covered. I agree and attest that the information given is accurate and factual to the best of my knowledge.
  • All video and podcast guests are vetted by Decode 6 staff, and videos pass through internal review.

Together, the Decode 6 team and our guest experts are committed to bringing our audiences timely, concise information that will help drive innovation in carbon and ecosystem services.


Interested in getting involved as a reviewer or a contributor of source material? Sign up here.