How Do I Collect Bulk Density Samples With A Slide Hammer?

Follow along and see how it’s done — so you can do it the right way the first time and every time. This video covers how to set up your tools, collect an intact soil core, and prepare your tools for the subsequent sample.

  • Operate a slide hammer sampler to obtain a bulk density sample from 0 to 6 inches depth
  • Mark your equipment to improve sampling efficiency and consistency
  • Trim, process, and bag the collected soil bulk density sample on a sturdy surface

Acknowledgement: Thank you to AMS Samplers, American Falls, Idaho, USA, for their generous donation of equipment to enable this demonstration. Supplies shown in this video include: Hex quick pin slide hammer with 3-inch core sampler cap, stainless steel sampler cup of 3-inch diameter and 6-inch length, clear plastic sleeve, and planer auger of 3-inch diameter.