What Happens If My Bulk Density Corer Goes Too Deep Into The Soil?

If you’re using a slide hammer sampler to take a bulk density core, you’ll still obtain a soil sample even if the tool penetrates too deeply. However, the data will misrepresent the site.

In this video, Marie Johnston demonstrates this mistake and explains how the final soil bulk density data will be affected.

  • A soil sampler cup may be driven too far into the ground, missing the target depth interval
  • This mistake will not be visibly evident in the extracted sample
  • The soil bulk density value will be higher because soil is compressed inside the sleeve

Acknowledgement: Thank you to AMS Samplers, American Falls, Idaho, USA, for their generous donation of equipment to enable this demonstration. Supplies shown in this video include: Hex quick pin slide hammer with 3-inch core sampler cap, clear plastic sleeve of 3-inch diameter and 6-inch length, two stacked stainless steel sleeves of 3-inch diameter and length, and planer auger of 3-inch diameter.