What Tools Do I Need For Manual Soil Bulk Density Samples?

Follow along as Marie Johnston covers some of the common tools you might use to collect quality soil cores for measuring soil bulk density.

  • Slide hammer tool with accompanying sampler cup
  • Cylindrical sleeves of various materials and sizes
  • Planer auger and the best types of shovels
  • Tape measure, spatulas, field notes, and sample bags

Having this equipment on hand and knowing what to expect of the soil and other site conditions can help you plan for a fantastic outing.

Acknowledgement: Thank you to AMS Samplers, American Falls, Idaho, USA, for their generous donation of equipment to enable this demonstration. Supplies shown in this video include: Hex quick pin slide hammer with 3-inch core sampler cap, stainless steel sampler cups of 2-inch and 3-inch diameters of 3-inch and 6-inch lengths, stainless steel sleeves, brass sleeves, clear plastic sleeves, and planer auger of 3-inch diameter.